Payments infrastructure for the internet

Diit’s software and APIs are utilized by a wide range of businesses, spanning from startups to large corporations, enabling them to process payments, facilitate payouts, and effectively operate their online ventures.

Powering Businesses Everywhere

Countless businesses, spanning various sizes from startups to large enterprises, rely on Diit’s software.


API requests per day, peaking at 13,000 request a second


Historical uptime for Stripe services.


Countries with local acquiring.


Currencies and payment methods supported.

Unified platform

A comprehensive lineup of interconnected payment solutions.

We unite all the essential elements for creating global websites and apps capable of handling payments and worldwide payouts. Diit’s product suite drives the entire payment process and beyond.

Moreover, we assist enterprises in combating fraud, generating invoices, providing virtual and physical cards, streamlining checkout processes, accessing financing, overseeing business expenses, and numerous other capabilities.

Global scale

The backbone for global commerce

Diit makes moving money as easy and programmable as moving data. Our teams are based in offices around the world and we process hundreds of billions of dollars each year for ambitious businesses of all sizes.

Built for growth

Take your startup farther, faster

Startups build on Diit to launch faster, adapt as they grow, and automate workflows to do more with less. Build your own API-based integration or use our low- to no-code solutions, which are simple enough for easy implementation and powerful enough to scale as fast and as far as you need.

your company

Form a legal entity, issue stock, and start accepting payments.

your idea

Test your product idea by launching payments with little to no code.

Sell to

Launch a B2C business with a prebuilt payment page that’s optimized for conversion.

Sell to

Launch a B2B business and collect one-time or recurring payments from customers.

Designed for developers

Ship more quickly with powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Save engineering time with unified payments functionality. We obsess over the maze of gateways, payments rails, and financial institutions.

Use Diit with your stack

We offer client and server libraries in everything from React and PHP to .NET and iOS.

Try no-code options

Customize and deploy payments interfaces directly from the Diit Dashboard.

Explore pre-built integrations

Integrate with systems including Adobe, Salesforce, and NetSuite, or sync Diit data to your warehouse.

Build an app on Diit

Create a custom backend integration or interface within Diit – make it just for your team or list it on the Diit App Marketplace.

Launch with ease

Low- and no-code options for getting started

If you’d like to use Stripe for your business but don’t have developers on staff, no problem. We have a few options depending on your needs.

Use a pre-integrated platform

Explore our directory to find out-of-the-box solutions that connect with Diit.

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Build with Diit-certified experts

Work with a Diit consulting partner that can integrate and deploy Diit solutions for you.
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Try our no-code products

Generate an invoice or share a payment link directly from your Dashboard to start generating revenue in minutes – no code required.

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Diit makes moving money as easy and programmable as moving data.

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